Schuyler V. Hamill, D.D.S., P.C
Dentist Detroit
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Restorative Procedures
Dr. Hamill specializes in a wide variety of treatments to restore broken, missing, or decayed teeth back to the patients natural smile. These services help patients regain the functionality and confidence of a healthy natural looking smile again.
  • Composite Restorations—New or recurrent decay or even old mercury fillings can be restored with a natural tooth colored filling. Composite fillings are a strong, safe and more natural looking alternative to silver fillings.
  • Crowns—All porcelain crowns are used to repair decayed, damaged, cracked or broken teeth back to their natural appearance and function. Most crowns can be prepared and delivered to the patient within 2 weeks and require minimal appointment time.
  • Bridges—A bridge fills a space where a tooth or teeth previously occupied the space. Replacing missing teeth with a bridge prevents shifting of teeth and problems with bite.
  • Implant Restorations Including Crowns, Bridges and dentures placed due to missing teeth.